The Tribe Culture


We are all part of a tribe, says David Logan.

Here, he discusses how members of society naturally organise themselves into tribes.

David Logan talks about five kinds of tribes that humans naturally form – in schools, workplaces, even the driver’s license bureau. By understanding our shared tribal tendencies, we can help lead each other to become better individuals.

Level 1

The lowest form of Tribal Culture. There general view is ‘Life Sucks’. Logan explains that this is the tribal culture of gangs and prisons and the minds that motivates senseless acts of violence.

Level 2 tribes can see that there is some good in the world but still see life through the lens of ‘My Life Sucks’. This is obviously still a negative point of view but it is a marked improvement from ‘Life Sucks’ in general.

Level 3 is the tribal level that according to Logan most humans operate on.  The general outlook in this level is that I am great, but you are not.

This is the first level that introduces a positive self image which is great but it’s an outlook defined by competition (which too is great) but what it does is, it doesn’t allow for them to see any skill / talent /values in other people.

It is interesting to note that Logan points out the GREATEST challenge most of us face is from moving from a level 3 to a level 4. Which I couldn’t agree with more.

Level 4 Tribes shift from an individually centered positive outlook to a GROUP centered positive outlook.

As you might’ve guessed, level 4 tribes can accomplish great things; this is the first level where tribe is self aware. They are aware that they are a ‘group’ of people. They value fun, productivity and creativity. They operate like a fraternity that allows for the break down of competitiveness wrt the tribe members.

The outlook here is ‘I am great, but so are you!’ And this allows people to work together to create things that are greater than the sums of their individual hearts.

So, if we could ALL strive to reach level 4, the world would be a sweeter place. But there is in fact there is another level.

Level 5.

According to Logan, Level 5 is ‘LIFE is great!’ where there is no “they.” Level 5 interactions are rare and to be honest idealistic. Level 5 is where there ARE no enemies. They are collectively ONE etc. These are the history-making groups that have excelled beyond competition.

There is of course more, watch it here.

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April 17, 2012 Motivational